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Will Jaw Surgery Fix My Protruding Front Teeth?

over bite jaw surgery Protruding front teeth can be caused by several underlying problems, some of them dental and others skeletal. Dental causes can include crooked or crowded teeth, among others, that can generally be corrected with orthodontic care. Skeletal problems that can cause the front teeth to protrude include misalignment of the jaws or uneven jaw growth – conditions that typically require the help of a Singapore oral surgeon. Skeletal issues generally cannot be corrected through orthodontic treatment alone, but can be fixed with jaw surgery.

Protruding Front Teeth, or Overbite

An overbite is when the upper teeth overlap the lower ones significantly when the mouth is closed. This can push the upper lip out, cause the chin to recede and make it difficult or impossible for a person to close the mouth comfortably, altering the facial profile and affecting appearance. As anyone who has been teased with the term “buck teeth” can attest, living with protruding front teeth can take a toll on self-esteem, self-confidence, which often affects quality-of-life. Moderate to severe cases can cause functional problems as well, such as reduced chewing and biting efficiency, poor speech clarity, jaw pain and excessive and uneven tooth wear, which can lead to serious dental problems and tooth loss.

When overbite is caused by dental problems, such as poor tooth positioning or crowding, orthodontic treatment can generally address the problem, correcting a person's bite and improving their appearance. However, when the issue has a skeletal component, corrective jaw surgery, technically called orthognathic surgery, is often the best means of resolving it.

Correcting Protruding Front Teeth Caused By Skeletal Overbite

If your dentist or orthodontic specialist suspects that your protruding front teeth may be caused by an overgrown upper jaw, an underdeveloped lower jaw, poor jaw positioning or any combination of these factors, you'll be referred to a Singapore oral surgeon like Dr. SL Chan for an examination. If that examination determines that orthognathic surgery is your best option to fix protruding front teeth, your orthodontist and oral surgeon with work together to formulate a comprehensive treatment plan.

As a rule, orthodontic work will be done prior to jaw surgery with the goal of positioning teeth to suit the anticipated jaw modifications. Then, your Singapore oral surgeon will perform your procedure, which may include repositioning of one or both of your jaws to improve alignment. In some cases, further orthodontic work will be done after jaw surgery to ensure optimal results.

All-in-all, the process can take anywhere from several months to several years, but the results are typically well worth the wait. Once the process is complete, patients are provided with better oral function and health, and in most cases, a more balanced and attractive appearance -- results that can be life changing for a person who has suffered with protruding front teeth for years.


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