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Dental implants in an underbite patient


Rising affluence and awareness among patients in Singapore have led to an increase in demand for specialist procedures such as orthognathic surgery. Underbite deformity, where the lower jaw is disproportionately longer than the upper jaw is possibly the most corrected dentofacial defo …

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Camouflaging an underbite with veneers instead of orthognathic surgery


Skeletal Class III dentofacial deformity, commonly referred to as underbite, is fairly common in Singapore. Those seeking treatment are usually teenagers or young adults, and are still dependent on their parents for consent as well as finances. While some parents are supportive, other …

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Who calls the shots in orthognathic surgery- orthodontist or surgeon?


Many conditions require multi-disciplinary management. For example, ischemic heart disease may require the expertise of the cardiologist and the cardiothoracic surgeon. In the same, way, dentofacial deformities require the expertise of the orthodontist and the maxillofacial surgeon. T …

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Is undergoing corrective jaw surgery worth it?


Dentofacial deformities are common in Singapore. In fact, there is not a single day that I can walk around Singapore without seeing someone in the streets who has a face that can be improved aesthetically with corrective jaw surgery. Some people are not bothered by their deformities a …

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Computerized simulation of underbite corrective surgery in Singapore


A 19 year old male Chinese patient was referred by his orthodontist for surgical correction of underbite deformity. It is commonly believed by most patients looking for underbite corrective surgery that their problem lies with the lower jaw being too long. However, it is rarely a prob …

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Planning for corrective jaw surgery for underbite deformity


Underbite deformity in Singapore is the most commonly correct dentofacial deformity. With advances in understanding of the healing process and orthodontic movement of teeth, it is usually treated in a surgery-first approach today. This is in contrast with the old practice of going thr …

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“Descendants of the Sun” and Facial Feminization


I learnt recently that I am from another planet. All because I thought “Descendants of the Sun” (DOTS) is a sequel to Bruce Willis’ “Tears of the Sun”. The revelation came when I was running a bone grafting course and teaching the participants how to draw blood to make platelet rich p …

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Corrective jaw surgery and facial feminization in Singapore

Corrective jaw surgeryis a functional surgery that seeks to correct the bite disharmonies due to disproportionate growth of the jaws. This jaw bone disproportion can give a face a very aggressive or “man-ly” look. Some men may actually like that kind of look if their job requires them …

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Underbite – upper jaw surgery or lower jaw surgery or both?

Underbite surgery Singapore

A protruding lower jaw is a fairly common facial deformity in Singapore. While it may not be the most common, it is one which for which surgical correction is most sought after. Underbite, as it is commonly called by many patients, poses significant functional challenges, depending on …

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Are there alternatives to corrective jaw surgery ?

About half the number of patients who see me for a consultation on corrective jaw surgery are not sure if they need surgery. For this group, the first question that they ask is whether I think they need surgery. The other half has already done their research, they may even have consul …

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