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Dental implants- the $200,000 mouth and the $6 million man


Cost of dental implants in Singapore is the second most important concern of patients seeking dental implants. The first concern is fear. Fear, daunting as it is, can be overcome with education. Cost, however, is a greater barrier as it cannot be easily bridged, especially when the am …

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The most expensive vs the cheapest dental implant


Good quality dental implant treatment is expensive. Full mouth dental implant treatmentcost more than most medical or surgical treatment, including operations like coronary artery bypass graft surgery, hip replacement, knee replacement, etc. Currently, there are two diametrically oppo …

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Does facial asymmetry worsen with time?


As the human face is never symmetrical, most patients with facial asymmetry can accept a fair degree of asymmetry. In fact, many patients with fairly obvious asymmetry are quite willing to accept status quo. What often prompts these patients to seek professional advice is the fear of …

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Does facial asymmetry need corrective jaw surgery?

facial asymmetry singapore

Once of the features we look for when doing a facial aesthetic assessment is symmetry. It is generally believed that symmetry is good and is essential for aesthetics. However, the human face is never perfectly symmetrical. In fact, the human body is not symmetrical. The right side of …

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