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All-on-4 vs conventional dental implant treatment in Singapore


Many years ago, a patient for whom I was planning a full mouth dental implant treatment in Singapore commented that it cost more than his double by-pass surgery which he had just undergone the year before. Another full mouth implant patient put it in a lighter tone, saying it is like …

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Jaw surgery and oral appliance therapy for  Obstructive Sleep Apnea.


I spent my last weekend attending a Sleep Medicine meeting organized by the National University of Singapore. This meeting was to raise funds for the Edmund Tay Mai Hiong Endowment Fund, which seeks to educate dentists on Sleep Medicine and the role they play in management of sleep-re …

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Creating the V Shape Face by Jaw Reduction Surgery in Singapore


Twenty-four years ago, when I was preparing my Master’s thesis, I reviewed a lot of literature on facial norms. I needed to look at what constitute a “normal” face. As it turned out, most of the publications were actually based on aesthetic ideals. Naturally, this is because surgical …

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Can Invisalign be used with Corrective Jaw Surgery in Singapore?


One of the common bugbears of orthognathic patients is the need to have braces for two years or more. Many of them are young adults with an active social life and having metal tracks in the mouth is not exactly a positive fashion statement. Invisalign, a system of transparent orthodon …

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Facial contouring with orthognathic surgery in Singapore


Facial contouring surgery consists of augmentation and reduction of facial bones to change the contours of the face. Augmentation can be achieved by using implants. These implants are screwed onto the underlying facial bone to increase the projection of the face where it is deficient, …

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Bimaxillary protrusion in Singapore & Hong Kong – a tale of two cities


Bimaxillary protrusion is an ethnic facial feature of most ethnic Chinese and Malays in Singapore. As with all facial features, if the protrusion develops excessively, it will pose an aesthetic challenge. Unlike an underbite, where the lower jaw has grown to be longer than the upper j …

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Bimaxillary protrusion corrective jaw surgery without orthodontics


Bimaxillary protrusion is a condition whereby the tooth-bearing parts of both the upper and lower jaws are positioned further forward than the base of the jaws. It is not strictly speaking a deformity unless it is excessively developed. In fact it is within the ethnic norm for Chinese …

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Surgical correction of bimaxillary protrusion in Singapore


Many years ago, an orthodontic colleague referred a patient to me for extraction of four premolars. His orthodontic plan was to retract the front teeth back. However, when I asked the patient what made her sought orthodontic treatment in the first place, she said that she found her up …

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What are the alternatives to sinus bone grafting in Singapore?


Many patients who need dental implants to replace their missing molars do not have sufficient bone and hence need sinus bone grafting to augment the bone mass to house the implants. Although sinus bone grafting has already evolved to be a commonly done procedure with good results, man …

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Complications of sinus bone grafting for dental implants in Singapore


I first heard about sinus lift almost thirty years ago when I was student. It was during a conference on dental implants and one of the surgeons present was advocating that all sinus bone grafting operations for dental implants should be done in a hospital operating room. It was a rel …

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Types of sinus bone grafting for dental implants in Singapore


Replacement of missing molars and premolars in the upper jaw with dental implants is often challenging due to a lack of bone. Above the roots of the molars and premolars is the maxillary sinus, which is an empty space within bone that is lined by a layer of tissue which secretes mucou …

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