Orofacial Rejuvenation

Orofacial Rejuvenation is a comprehensive treatment plan to brighten and enhance facial appearance, in which several procedures may be combined in order to achieve a patient's treatment goals. These typically include oral surgery procedures done in combination with cosmetic procedures. The goal is to address a range of aesthetic issues in patients, providing them with an entirely new look via carefully coordinated oral and facial rejuvenation techniques.


Jaw Surgery and Orofacial Rejuvenation

For example, in a patient in need of corrective jaw surgery to correct aesthetic and functional issues related to overbite, underbite, cross bite or open bite, complete Orofacial Rejuvenation may also include dermal fillers to correct facial wrinkles or hollows that have developed in response to poor jaw alignment. Perhaps there are also dynamic wrinkles or furrows in the face, formed by muscle imbalances due to that malocclusion. These issues can be corrected or minimized with BOTOX treatment.

The result of such an approach is the coordinated treatment of all oral and facial issues related to a person's misaligned jaws, correcting issues like receding or protruding jaws that disturb facial harmony, as well as the damage these issues can cause elsewhere in the face, such as wrinkling around the mouth, poorly defined cheekbones or bulky, overdeveloped jaw muscles, giving the patient a fresher, brighter, more youthful and attractive new look.


Dental Implants, Dentures and Orofacial Rejuvenation

In a patient who is having oral surgery for the placement of dental implants, Orofacial Rejuvenation might include the use of dermal fillers and/or BOTOX to address premature aging due to dental problems and tooth loss. This is especially common in patients who are replacing full or partial removable dentures with a more attractive and functional implant-based dental restoration.

Patients who have used dentures, or even fixed dental bridges, for several years will experience bone loss in the jaw, eroding support for facial features. This often leads to hollows in the cheeks, wrinkles around the mouth and thinning of the lips. By combining dental implant surgery with cosmetic treatments to address those issues, patients can turn back the clock, walking away with not just an attractive, youthful-looking new smile, but a smoother, younger-looking face as well.

Of course, these are just two basic scenarios to show how Orofacial Rejuvenation can address a range of oral and facial aesthetic issues. Orofacial Rejuvenation is a very individualized process, with every treatment plan formulated to meet the specific needs, desires and goals of each patient – as defined after a thorough assessment by and consultation with Dr. Chan.