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A little bit of orthognathic surgery but not too much


It is quite common in my practice to have patients coming in to ask for jaw surgery to correct what they feel are minor deformities. They often say that they are not seeking major changes and only want a bit of surgery but not too much. Every often, such requests are harder to fulfill …

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What cosmetic jaw surgery do I need?


The advent of the internet has done much to decrease the information asymmetry between patient and doctor. Having the information is one thing but joining the dots to complete a picture is another. The wealth of information that is freely available on the web can be overwhelming. Cosm …

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Creating the V Shape Face by Jaw Reduction Surgery in Singapore


Twenty-four years ago, when I was preparing my Master’s thesis, I reviewed a lot of literature on facial norms. I needed to look at what constitute a “normal” face. As it turned out, most of the publications were actually based on aesthetic ideals. Naturally, this is because surgical …

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How to Choose an Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore?

Given the many advances in aesthetic medicine over recent years, cosmetic procedures in Singapore are becoming more popular than ever before, allowing people to resolve appearance problems today that previous generations simply had to live with. This increasing demand for cosmetic pro …

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Answers to Your Questions about BOTOX in Singapore

If you are considering BOTOX in Singapore, you probably have some questions you'd like answered before you schedule your initial appointment. Over the past several weeks we've done our best to answer some common questions you may have about BOTOX on our blog. We've taken these questio …

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How Often Do You Need to Be Treated With BOTOX in Singapore?

If you are thinking of trying BOTOX in Singapore to address aesthetic issues, such as dynamic lines and wrinkles, also known as expression lines, or a bulky, squared jawline, chances are that you're wondering exactly what you can expect in terms of results. Most people are aware that …

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How Does BOTOX in Singapore Work?

BOTOX is a tried-and-true treatment for lines, wrinkles and other aesthetic issues that are caused by the action of facial muscles as a person speaks, smiles, frowns, chews or squints. The most frequently performed cosmetic procedure in the U.S., BOTOX is becoming just as popular in S …

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Why You Should Consider an Oral Surgeon in Singapore for Your Facial Aesthetic Procedures

Did you know that facial aesthetic procedures can be done by a wide range of medical and dental professionals in Singapore, from general doctors and dentists to surgical specialists? So how can the average Singapore patient, who isn't an expert on medical professionals or aesthetic pr …

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The Role of Dental Implants in Singapore and Orofacial Rejuvenation

Orofacial Rejuvenation is a comprehensive treatment plan designed to enhance the appearance, addressing a range of oral and facial issues for overall rejuvenation. In patients with failing teeth or tooth loss, or who have long been fitted with dentures or traditional fixed bridges, de …

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BOTOX in Singapore: What Are My Treatment Options?

BOTOX treatment has become one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures done today. The chief reason for the popularity of BOTOX in Singapore – and around the world, for that matter – is that it offers safe and very effective treatment of a number of aesthetic issues cause …

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