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Jaw Surgery and Dental Implants in Singapore Blog

Wisdom tooth surgery ; General Dentist or Specialist?

bigstock-Thinking-Business-Woman-96294494Continuing the story of debate on “Better Competency Development for Safe and Quality Dental Care”, this blog discusses the other oft-cited “higher risk” procedure, wisdom tooth surgery. So how complicated is wisdom tooth surgery? What kind of training do dentists need to perform this surgery properly.

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Saving an infected tooth versus replacing with dental implant


A patient came in with a gum swelling associated with a molar tooth. He has consulted a dentist who told him to extract the tooth and place an immediate implant. He then consulted another dentist who told him to extract the tooth and wait a few months before doing the implant. Feeling confused, he came for a third opinion, hoping that I will choose one or the other, making it two to one for a “majority” vote. However, I offered a completely different option. I referred him to a root canal specialist for assessment as to whether the tooth can be saved.


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Can You Use Medisave for Wisdom Teeth Removal Costs in Singapore?

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If you have been told that you need wisdom teeth removal, your dental professional has probably already explained that extracting those third molars is a surgical procedure – a bit more serious than the typical simple tooth extraction. What that means is that having that wisdom tooth or teeth removed will also cost a bit more than a simple extraction. That fact often leads patients to ask whether they can use Medisave for wisdom teeth removal costs in Singapore – and the good news is that, within certain limits, they can.

The Medisave scheme in Singapore does allow a Medisave account holder to use funds to pay the cost of approved dental surgery procedures. The removal of impacted wisdom teeth is on that list of Medisave approved procedures, making it possible for Medisave account holders to withdraw funds to pay for these procedures for themselves or their immediate family members – including spouses, children, parents or grandparents. However, the amount that can be deducted from those accounts is governed by Medisave withdrawal limits, which are set for various surgical procedures independently, according to their complexity.

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Five Procedures Provided by Your Singapore Oral Surgeon

bigstock-Asian-doctor-woman-portrait-S-48848585Many people have been referred to a Singapore oral surgeon by a dentist or orthodontist, but most aren't aware of the full scope of services offered by these highly trained specialists. The surgical specialists of the dental profession, Singapore oral and maxillofacial surgeons manage a wide variety if problems related to the mouth, teeth, jaws, face and neck, ranging from procedures to address functional, dental and medical needs to those to address aesthetic issues. Among them are these five procedures commonly provided by Singapore oral surgeons:

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Why You Probably Need to Get Your Loose Teeth Removed

tooth extraction singaporeLoose teeth can have a number of causes, including trauma, infection and cracking, but the most common culprit is periodontal disease, especially when multiple teeth have loosened. While your dentist may be able to treat and save teeth with some minor mobility issues, extremely loose teeth generally cannot be saved, and leaving them in place may worsen existing dental problems or even create new ones. In such cases, removal is better done sooner than later to prevent problems that may make dental restoration more difficult.

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