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Implant Dentistry; General Dentist or Specialist?


There has been much debate in recent weeks within the dental profession about the competency of dentists to do certain procedures. The issue has attracted a lively debate amongst various dental organizations. The Ministry of Health and the Singapore Dental Council has begun seeking fe …

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Dental Implant Complications in Singapore


As dental implants becomes increasingly popular as teeth replacement, more and more people are having dental implants in their jaws. Today, it is has become a mainstream treatment in many clinics. Along with it widespread adoption, the incidence of complications arising from dental im …

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Dental implants- the $200,000 mouth and the $6 million man


Cost of dental implants in Singapore is the second most important concern of patients seeking dental implants. The first concern is fear. Fear, daunting as it is, can be overcome with education. Cost, however, is a greater barrier as it cannot be easily bridged, especially when the am …

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What are the alternatives to sinus bone grafting in Singapore?


Many patients who need dental implants to replace their missing molars do not have sufficient bone and hence need sinus bone grafting to augment the bone mass to house the implants. Although sinus bone grafting has already evolved to be a commonly done procedure with good results, man …

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Types of sinus bone grafting for dental implants in Singapore


Replacement of missing molars and premolars in the upper jaw with dental implants is often challenging due to a lack of bone. Above the roots of the molars and premolars is the maxillary sinus, which is an empty space within bone that is lined by a layer of tissue which secretes mucou …

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Nerve transposition for dental implants in Singapore


Dental implant placement depends on the availability of bone. In the case of missing lower molars, bone is usually sufficient but it is complicated by the fact that there is a nerve running through the back of the lower jaw. This nerve, known as the inferior alveolar nerve and commonl …

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NobelGuide- CT guided dental implant placement


A 60 year old man came into the clinic with a newspaper cutting showing a certain way of doing dental implants and requested for it. The implant company that came up with this technique was marketing direct to the consumers through the mass media. The idea of placing 8 implants on one …

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What is the cost of zygomatic dental implants in Singapore?


Once of the common problems in oral rehabilitation with dental implants is the lack of bone in the jaw to place an implant. This is especially the case for patients who have lost all their upper teeth for a long time and have been using a removable denture for years. The pressure of a …

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Dental implants are becoming more affordable in Singapore


We often read about rising healthcare costs and how governments try different ways to tackle the problem. It is a problem that affects all countries, big or small, rich or poor. In Singapore, the recently revamped Medishield scheme together with integrated shield plans, is one way of …

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What is the cost of All-on-4 dental implants in Singapore?


All-on-4 dental implant treatment protocol is gaining popularity around the world and is beginning to catch on in Singapore. There were a lot of skepticism about this protocol when it was first introduced as it required a significant change of mindset to accept that four implants angu …

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