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What Implant Retained Overdentures Are, and Why They May Be The Solution For You

If you're looking into denture options to restore appearance and function after total tooth loss or replace problematic existing dentures, you're probably aware that there are more of them available than ever before. While conventional dentures were once the only choice for a toothles …

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5 Common Causes of Loose Teeth As You Age?

Dental problems become a greater risk for Singapore dental patients as they reach mid-life and beyond. Among the more common issues experienced with aging is loose teeth. Knowing how and why teeth can become loose and unstable can help you avoid the problem and the tooth loss it can c …

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Will Dental Implants Fix My Loose Dentures?

Loose dentures become a problem for most every Singapore denture wearer eventually, even those fortunate enough to have had dentures that fit perfectly when they were new. That's because, over time, changes in oral structure occur when one or both jaws are toothless, gradually alterin …

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