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Jaw Surgery and Dental Implants in Singapore Blog

Bridges Vs Dental Implants in Singapore

bigstock-Human-Teeth--Dental-Implant-A-5393220If you have recently suffered the loss of one or several teeth, or have been told that you have a tooth or two that is beyond saving and will have to be extracted, chances are that you're weighing your tooth replacement options. If so, you've probably been advised that those options include dental implants and traditional fixed dental bridges. So what is the story on dental implants bridges vs dental implants in Singapore? Which is the better option for your dental restoration?

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Will Dental Implants Stop the Pain from Your Loose Dental Bridge?

man mouth pain loose dental bridgeDo you have a loose dental bridge that is causing mouth pain? That's a common complaint, since the average conventional bridge needs replacement every 7 to 10 years. While the difficulties and pain associated with loose bridges and the hassle and expense of replacing them regularly were once issues patients simply had to live with, dental implants have changed that. Today, your Singapore oral surgeon can provide a more stable and comfortable foundation for replacement teeth that, with proper oral hygiene and care, can last a lifetime.

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Three Options for Replacing Missing Teeth or Loose Teeth in Singapore

replace missing teeth in singaporeIf you have missing or loose teeth, weighing your replacement options carefully is important. After all, the quality of your dental restoration will affect your everyday life in terms of comfort, oral function and appearance for years to come. Your three basic options include a fixed dental bridge, dentures and implant-based dental restorations. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each can help you make informed decisions about which will best serve your individual needs.

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Why You Probably Need to Get Your Loose Teeth Removed

tooth extraction singaporeLoose teeth can have a number of causes, including trauma, infection and cracking, but the most common culprit is periodontal disease, especially when multiple teeth have loosened. While your dentist may be able to treat and save teeth with some minor mobility issues, extremely loose teeth generally cannot be saved, and leaving them in place may worsen existing dental problems or even create new ones. In such cases, removal is better done sooner than later to prevent problems that may make dental restoration more difficult.

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5 Common Causes of Loose Teeth As You Age?

loose teeth in SingaporeDental problems become a greater risk for Singapore dental patients as they reach mid-life and beyond. Among the more common issues experienced with aging is loose teeth. Knowing how and why teeth can become loose and unstable can help you avoid the problem and the tooth loss it can cause. 5 common causes of loose teeth as you age are:

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