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Jaw Surgery and Dental Implants in Singapore Blog

Dentofacial aesthetics for the older patient


A colleague once told me this story about a patient of his. An elderly gentleman came in with several badly decayed front teeth. The teeth were quite rotten, discolored and malaligned. He thought to himself that he could be a hero to this patient because no matter what he did, he would have vastly improved the function and aesthetics of his teeth. However, as he commence the restorative work, he discovered that restoring function was the easy part but aesthetics is a different ball game, the profile of the patient notwithstanding. The patient was exacting in his demand for aesthetics, no different from a younger patient. A mutual friend who was in the car industry then said that the guy who drives an old beat up car to a car dealership to collect his new car will not accept a single scratch on the new car. How true.

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Dental implants- the $200,000 mouth and the $6 million man


 Cost of dental implants in Singapore is the second most important concern of patients seeking dental implants. The first concern is fear. Fear, daunting as it is, can be overcome with education. Cost, however, is a greater barrier as it cannot be easily bridged, especially when the amount runs into six figures. Yes, six figures. Many patients have that incredulous look as I explain the hundred thousand dollar treatment plan. But there is hope.

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Treatment planning full mouth dental implants in Singapore



A elderly man presented with multiple missing teeth that were restored with removable dentures in the upper and lower jaws requesting for them to be replaced with fixed prostheses. Examination showed that the denture was not fitting properly and the remaining teeth were also not in good condition. Some of the teeth had been restored with porcelain crowns which were also not in good condition. He had generalized bone loss due to chronic gum disease but the teeth were stable except for the upper right second molar.


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