Aesthetic Reconstructive Jaw Surgery and Dental Implants Blog

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and bone grafting for dental implants


A dental implant is fast becoming the treatment of choice in replacing a missing tooth. However, the success of an implant is dependent, amongst others, on the availability of adequate alveolar bone to house the implant, something which is not always there. With such demand, the need …

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What cosmetic jaw surgery do I need?


The advent of the internet has done much to decrease the information asymmetry between patient and doctor. Having the information is one thing but joining the dots to complete a picture is another. The wealth of information that is freely available on the web can be overwhelming. Cosm …

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Dental implants to replace teeth lost due to trauma


The recent successes of Team Singapore in the Rio Olympics and Paralympics will no doubt spur both the able-bodied and the disabled to adopt a more sporting lifestyle. While physical fitness helps reduce the risks of diseases such as hypertension, stroke, heart attack, etc, the proces …

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Is orthognathic surgery plastic surgery?


"Ortho" means straight, and "gnathic" means jaw. Together, orthognathic surgery refers to “straightening” of the jaws, ie correcting any “crookedness” or deformity of the jaws. "Plastic", refers to changing or moulding shape, and plastic surgery then refers to surgery that changes the …

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Is there an age limit for corrective jaw surgery?


Dentofacial deformities usually become apparent to the patient and their parents during the puberty growth spurt. The body undergoes a lot of changes during this period. Facial changes are most noticeable by parents and while most changes are a normal part of growing, disproportionate …

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Is undergoing corrective jaw surgery worth it?


Dentofacial deformities are common in Singapore. In fact, there is not a single day that I can walk around Singapore without seeing someone in the streets who has a face that can be improved aesthetically with corrective jaw surgery. Some people are not bothered by their deformities a …

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How long does dental implant treatment take?


This is probably the third most commonly asked question about dental implants by patients, after “how painful is it?” followed by “how much it cost?” The first question is easy to answer. Dental implant surgery is generally not painful beyond the local anesthetic injection. However, t …

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The value of “before and after” photos in orthognathic surgery.


Patients seeking orthognathic surgery seek both functional and cosmetic goals. Some are primarily motivated by functional objectives but in my 20 years of doing orthognathic surgery, the vast majority of are motivated by the expected cosmetic outcomes. This is not surprising given tha …

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How long does a bone graft take to heal for dental implant surgery?


Dental implant as replacement for missing teeth is currently the preferred choice of most dentists and patients. However, for some patients, the bone in the jaw is insufficient to support an implant and requires bone grafting, a method of augmenting the deficiency with bone either tak …

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