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Jaw Surgery and Dental Implants in Singapore Blog

Does facial asymmetry worsen with time?


As the human face is never symmetrical, most patients with facial asymmetry can accept a fair degree of asymmetry. In fact, many patients with fairly obvious asymmetry are quite willing to accept status quo. What often prompts these patients to seek professional advice is the fear of a continuing worsening of the asymmetry. How do we tell whether the asymmetry is getting worse or predict whether it is likely to worsen?

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Does facial asymmetry need corrective jaw surgery?


Once of the features we look for when doing a facial aesthetic assessment is symmetry. It is generally believed that symmetry is good and is essential for aesthetics. However, the human face is never perfectly symmetrical. In fact, the human body is not symmetrical. The right side of the body is not a mirror image of the left. The differences between the right and left side give a face its unique character. It is only when the asymmetry becomes the overwhelming feature of the face that it becomes unaesthetic. How do we draw the line?


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Is orthognathic surgery plastic surgery?


 "Ortho" means straight, and "gnathic" means jaw. Together, orthognathic surgery refers to “straightening” of the jaws, ie correcting any “crookedness” or deformity of the jaws. "Plastic", refers to changing or moulding shape, and plastic surgery then refers to surgery that changes the shape or form. It can be further subdivided into aesthetic plastic surgery, where the objective is primarily improving the cosmesis of a body structure which is not diseased, and reconstructive plastic surgery, which as the name suggests, rebuilds diseased or defective body parts. So, in the strict sense of the word, orthognathic surgery is a form of reconstructive plastic surgery. However, it is not aesthetic plastic surgery, which is the plastic surgery that most people know of.

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