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Jaw Surgery and Dental Implants in Singapore Blog

Wisdom tooth surgery ; General Dentist or Specialist?

bigstock-Thinking-Business-Woman-96294494Continuing the story of debate on “Better Competency Development for Safe and Quality Dental Care”, this blog discusses the other oft-cited “higher risk” procedure, wisdom tooth surgery. So how complicated is wisdom tooth surgery? What kind of training do dentists need to perform this surgery properly.

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Cheapest dental implant in Singapore


Cost is probably one of the biggest factor when a patient considers having dental implants. Indeed implant dentistry is arguably the most expensive dental procedure. However, it is also fast becoming the treatment option of choice amongst most patients who lose their teeth. What was once a “luxury” has become a necessity, at least relatively speaking.This is probably due to our high standard of living in SIngapore and hence rising expectations of the people. Along with the increase in demand, dental implant manufacturers and dentists find ways to lower the cost of implant dentistry so that the majority of patients can afford. How cheap is the cheapest implant in Singapore today?

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Dental implants vs root canal treatment


Dentists are taught to save teeth. Cavities in teeth are caused by bacteria eroding away the enamel and dentine. At this stage, the decayed portion of the tooth can be drilled away and the resultant defect filled with an inert material such as amalgam or increasingly, tooth colored composites. If the decay had progressed deeper into the pulp of the tooth, root canal treatment, aka endodontic treatment,  whereby the pulpal tissue is removed from the root canals of the tooth and then sealing the empty canals with a filling, can often save the tooth from extraction. However, if the decay has progressed even further as to leave minimal sound tooth structure, extraction may be the only choice left. This is where dental implant come in as a replacement for the missing tooth. Where do we draw the line as to when it is better to remove and replace than to salvage the tooth?

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Is orthognathic surgery medically necessary?


It is not uncommon for insurance companies to question the medical necessity of orthognathic surgery. Certainly, the most noticeable benefit of orthognathic surgery is the cosmetic improvement. However, the objective of the surgery is not always cosmetic enhancement but a functional restoration. Sure, there are some that are more cosmetic than functional. Dentofacial deformities, which orthognathic surgery seeks to correct, constitute a spectrum rather than specific disorders. Can we draw a line separating the functional from the cosmetic?

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Dental implants are becoming more affordable in Singapore

bigstock-Coins-in-glass-money-jar-with--86673011.jpgWe often read about rising healthcare costs and how governments try different ways to tackle the problem. It is a problem that affects all countries, big or small, rich or poor. In Singapore, the recently revamped Medishield scheme together with integrated shield plans, is one way of managing the problem. These insurance policies are designed to cover the major hospitalization expenses. In addition, Medisave has been made accssible for use in outpatient surgical procedures, instead of being limited to inpatient treatment. Dental implant surgery is one the procedures whereby the patient’s Medisave account can be used to pay for the treatment costs.
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Medisave, Medishield Life, Integrated Shield Plans and Corrective Jaw Surgery


Cost is one of the major factors that a patient with a jaw deformity has to consider. There is a need and demand for corrective jaw surgery as jaw deformities do affect the chewing ability, speech and aesthetics. Surgery, however, is not cheap. A double jaw surgery costs about $35,000 in a private hospital, depending on the actual surgery done, amount of time taken, the ward class, etc. Certainly, not everyone can just write a cheque or swipe their credit cards for that amount just like that. Medical insurance plays a significant role in helping to finance this. However, not everyone is armed to the teeth with insurance. The introduction of Medisave Life and Integrated Shield Plans may go a long way to help patients afford corrective jaw surgery.

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