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Jaw Surgery and Dental Implants in Singapore Blog

How to Know When Your Dentures Need Adjusting

dentures need adjustingIf you have just been fitted with your first set of dentures or are currently going through the process, you've probably been told that adjustments may be necessary during the first few months with your new dentures to perfect the fit. However, it is important to know that adjustments will be a fairly regular need every few years after that perfect fit has been achieved, and those adjustments are very necessary to maintain good oral health and function. So how do you know when your dentures in Singapore need adjusting? And how can you make loose dentures fit better? 

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Why Do My Dentures Not Fit Like They Used To?

my dentures don't fitDentures that fit poorly are a very common problem, affecting most Singapore denture wearers eventually. It is especially common with the lower denture, since it has less support than an upper one and is affected by the motion of the cheeks and tongue. Most often, dentures fit poorly due to changes that occur in a jaw after tooth loss, which affect the gum ridge and the bone underneath, altering denture fit over time. However, there are solutions to ill-fitting dentures and it isn't a problem that should be let go, so if you're having trouble, see your dentist for help.

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