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The value of “before and after” photos in orthognathic surgery.

bigstock-Keeping-secret-104209472.jpgPatients seeking orthognathic surgery seek both functional and cosmetic goals. Some are primarily motivated by functional objectives but in my 20 years of doing orthognathic surgery, the vast majority of are motivated by the expected cosmetic outcomes. This is not surprising given that malocclusion has never been proven to be detrimental to physical health. Chewing may be less efficient, speaking may be hampered by poor enunciation of certain words due the to the physical deformities, but these are usually compensated by the patient’s adaptation to them over time as these dentofacial deformities developed over time and not overnight. As such, most patients who come for consultations usually ask to see some before and after photos of cases that I did before. How important are such photos?

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