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Does Ethnicity Matters in Cosmetic Jaw Surgery in Singapore?

Corrective jaw surgery serves to correct dentofacial deformities. But how do we diagnose dentofacial deformities in the first place? What is the basis of saying that a particular look is a deformity? To answer this question, we first have to define what is normal. The norm is a mathem …

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3D printing technology for corrective jaw surgery

Yesterday, a rep from a medical 3D printing company came to share some new developments concerning the use of 3D printing to aid corrective jaw surgery. 3D printing has come a long way and has permeated through many industries. So far, for orthognathic surgery, I have mainly used 3D p …

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Doing corrective jaw surgery a second time

Many years ago, a colleague from a neighbouring country referred me a patient who had undergone corrective jaw surgery several times in different parts of the world. Despite multiple surgeries, she still has not achieved her treatment objectives and as such was still looking for a sol …

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Single Jaw vs Double Jaw Surgery

Single jaw vs Double jaw surgery in Singapore

Disharmonies in jaw development is quite a common problem. They can come in the form of disproportionate horizontal growth of one jaw compared with the other or it can manifest as asymmetry, which is disproportionate growth of one side of the jaws compare to the other side, ie a left- …

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Corrective Jaw Surgery - cost considerations

One of the major concerns that patients have about corrective jaw surgery is cost. While the most obvious effect of corrective jaw surgery is an improvement in aesthetics, it is not classified as a cosmetic procedure because there are also significant functional benefits associated wi …

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Why cosmetic jaw surgery?

Surgery is usually done for one of two reasons. The first function of surgery is ablative, ie to remove a diseased part of the body. This diseased part, if left alone, threatens the normal functions of other parts of the body both in its immediate vicinity as well as distant part by s …

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