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Jaw Surgery and Dental Implants in Singapore Blog

Is undergoing corrective jaw surgery worth it?


Dentofacial deformities are common in Singapore. In fact, there is not a single day that I can walk around Singapore without seeing someone in the streets who has a face that can be improved aesthetically with corrective jaw surgery. Some people are not bothered by their deformities and can live happily without seeking any kind of correction. To this group, the issue of whether corrective surgery is worthwhile is a non-starter. However, for a much larger group who are bothered, albeit to different degrees, about their dentofacial deformities, the question of whether to undergo surgery is often perplexing.

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What is the cost of genioplasty and a chin implant?



Cost is a major factor in elective surgery. Afterall, if it is too expensive, there is always the cheaper option of not having it at all. However, in real life, elective procedures often cost more than non-elective ones. This may appear counterintuitive but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. The demands and expectation of a cosmetic surgery patient is much higher and nebulous than a patient who is undergoing emergency coronary bypass surgery. The latter will be grateful if he survives but the former may not be happy even if the surgery is a success in the eyes of the surgeon. The technique of performing chin surgery is relatively simple, but attaining the results desired by the patient is a different matter. But don’t worry, the cost of chin surgery is nowhere near the heart surgery ballpark.

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Should I have a chin implant or a genioplasty?


bigstock-Beautiful-Young-Woman-Teeth-Cl-49719305.jpgChange of facial contour can be done by either shifting the facial bones around, i.e. orthognathic surgery, or by adding facial implants. What is actually done for a particular patient depends very much on which surgeon she sees. In general, in Singapore, most plastic surgeons tend to opt for the chin implant while oral maxillofacial surgeons tend to gravitate towards genioplasty. So, which is the better option?

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