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What is the cost of one dental implant in Singapore?


This is one of the most often asked questions about dental implants. Whenever, I hear this question in a social setting, or when a patient emails in an enquiry, I have to second-guess what the intention of the person asking the question is. Some want to compare the fees between one pr …

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“Descendants of the Sun” and Facial Feminization


I learnt recently that I am from another planet. All because I thought “Descendants of the Sun” (DOTS) is a sequel to Bruce Willis’ “Tears of the Sun”. The revelation came when I was running a bone grafting course and teaching the participants how to draw blood to make platelet rich p …

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Corrective jaw surgery and facial feminization in Singapore

Corrective jaw surgeryis a functional surgery that seeks to correct the bite disharmonies due to disproportionate growth of the jaws. This jaw bone disproportion can give a face a very aggressive or “man-ly” look. Some men may actually like that kind of look if their job requires them …

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How to choose a dentist for complex dental implant in Singapore?

Recently, a patient from a nearby country flew in for a consultation for dental implant treatment. He had already gone to several clinics for consultation and was comparing what the different clinics can offer. After a physical examination and some xrays, I worked out a treatment plan …

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What is All-on-Four dental implant treatment?

The practice of dentistry is getting complicated. There has been a lot of new development in the past ten years especially in the field of implant dentistry. In fact, sometimes, implant manufacturers create new products faster than dentists can incorporate them into their practice. In …

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Underbite – upper jaw surgery or lower jaw surgery or both?

Underbite surgery Singapore

A protruding lower jaw is a fairly common facial deformity in Singapore. While it may not be the most common, it is one which for which surgical correction is most sought after. Underbite, as it is commonly called by many patients, poses significant functional challenges, depending on …

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