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Jaw Surgery and Dental Implants in Singapore Blog

Cost of Dental Care in Singapore article on Singapore dental careI was preparing a treatment plan for a patient last night when a Whatsapp message from a colleague came in. He forwarded me a post for entitled “Why Johor Dentists can expect even more Singapore patients than over before”. And another on Channel News Asia Facebook with a headline saying that “9 out of 10 Singaporeans are concerned about cost of dental care”. This is indeed a reversal of the trend 30 years ago when Europeans came to Singapore as dental tourists; they get their dental work done and have a holiday at the same time and pay a fraction of what they would have to pay if they had done the same work in their home country. Thirty years on, as a developed society, has Singapore Dentistry become like that of Europe?

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Dental implants to replace teeth lost due to trauma


bigstock-I-bald-head-man-got-punch-in-t-83463392.jpgThe recent successes of Team Singapore in the Rio Olympics and Paralympics will no doubt spur both the able-bodied and the disabled to adopt a more sporting lifestyle. While physical fitness helps reduce the risks of diseases such as hypertension, stroke, heart attack, etc, the process of attaining fitness poses a risk to health as well. Many people fall and sustain fractures and sprains. The face and teeth are particularly vulnerable. Besides sports, motor vehicles accidents is a also a contributor to traumatic injuries to teeth. Fortunately, teeth that are loss due to trauma can be replaced with dental implants.

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Saving an infected tooth versus replacing with dental implant


A patient came in with a gum swelling associated with a molar tooth. He has consulted a dentist who told him to extract the tooth and place an immediate implant. He then consulted another dentist who told him to extract the tooth and wait a few months before doing the implant. Feeling confused, he came for a third opinion, hoping that I will choose one or the other, making it two to one for a “majority” vote. However, I offered a completely different option. I referred him to a root canal specialist for assessment as to whether the tooth can be saved.


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