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Cheapest dental implant in Singapore


Cost is probably one of the biggest factor when a patient considers having dental implants. Indeed implant dentistry is arguably the most expensive dental procedure. However, it is also fast becoming the treatment option of choice amongst most patients who lose their teeth. What was o …

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Dental Implant Complications in Singapore


As dental implants becomes increasingly popular as teeth replacement, more and more people are having dental implants in their jaws. Today, it is has become a mainstream treatment in many clinics. Along with it widespread adoption, the incidence of complications arising from dental im …

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Why is the cost of dental implants in Singapore so high?


Dental implant treatment is arguably the most expensive treatment in dentistry. Over the years, the feedback that I got from patients included descriptions such as “more expensive than open heart surgery” and “stuffing a BMW into the mouth”. So, let’s get it upfront, it is expensive. …

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Dentofacial aesthetics for the older patient


A colleague once told me this story about a patient of his. An elderly gentleman came in with several badly decayed front teeth. The teeth were quite rotten, discolored and malaligned. He thought to himself that he could be a hero to this patient because no matter what he did, he woul …

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How long does a bone graft take to heal for dental implant surgery?


Dental implant as replacement for missing teeth is currently the preferred choice of most dentists and patients. However, for some patients, the bone in the jaw is insufficient to support an implant and requires bone grafting, a method of augmenting the deficiency with bone either tak …

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All-on-4, All-on-n, what’s in a name?


I was at a dental implant conference last Saturday afternoon moderating a session where the speakers were presenting their respective protocol. Listening to a lecture after lunch was always a challenge regardless of who the speaker was. As such, with the consent of the speaker, I told …

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All-on-4 vs conventional dental implant treatment in Singapore


Many years ago, a patient for whom I was planning a full mouth dental implant treatment in Singapore commented that it cost more than his double by-pass surgery which he had just undergone the year before. Another full mouth implant patient put it in a lighter tone, saying it is like …

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What are the alternatives to sinus bone grafting in Singapore?


Many patients who need dental implants to replace their missing molars do not have sufficient bone and hence need sinus bone grafting to augment the bone mass to house the implants. Although sinus bone grafting has already evolved to be a commonly done procedure with good results, man …

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Complications of sinus bone grafting for dental implants in Singapore


I first heard about sinus lift almost thirty years ago when I was student. It was during a conference on dental implants and one of the surgeons present was advocating that all sinus bone grafting operations for dental implants should be done in a hospital operating room. It was a rel …

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Types of sinus bone grafting for dental implants in Singapore


Replacement of missing molars and premolars in the upper jaw with dental implants is often challenging due to a lack of bone. Above the roots of the molars and premolars is the maxillary sinus, which is an empty space within bone that is lined by a layer of tissue which secretes mucou …

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