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What Makes Up the Cost of Dental Implants in Singapore?

bigstock-COLOGNE--MARCH---New-tooth--27434348If you are planning to replace missing teeth or ill-fitting conventional dentures with dental implants in Singapore, there is no doubt you have made a great choice in regards to your future oral health, comfort and appearance. However, if you, like most patients, are working with a limited budget, cost will be a concern as you plan your care. Understanding what makes up the cost of dental implants in Singapore can help you gain an accurate understanding of what you can expect – in financial terms – throughout the restoration process.

Factors in the Cost of Dental Implants in Singapore

As you plan the financial aspects of your treatment, it is important to know that implant-based dental restoration is a process that is done in a series of steps, and each of those steps has its own associated costs. The first step is a consultation appointment with a Singapore oral surgeon, who will do a thorough examination of your oral and overall health in order to recommend a comprehensive treatment plan. Generally, finding out the cost of that consultation is as easy as calling your oral surgeon's office. 

Among the factors your surgeon will look into during that consultation is the quality and quantity of bone in your jaw to determine whether preparatory procedures, such as bone grafts or sinus lifts, will be necessary for successful dental implant placement. If so, these preparatory procedures are generally the next step in the process, and your oral surgeon will present you with an estimate of the overall costs according to your specific circumstances. If such procedures are not necessary in your case, your treatment can progress directly to the next step, the implant placement procedure.

Cost of Dental Implants Singapore: The Procedure

Placing dental implants in Singapore is a surgical procedure, during which your oral surgeon will place tiny titanium cylinders into your jawbone to act as artificial tooth roots. The number of implants placed – and the costs – will vary according to the number of teeth to be replaced and the details of your dental restoration plan. Of course, your oral surgeon will be able to give you a detailed accounting of the costs associated with your procedure as surgical planning proceeds.

After a healing period – during which the implant will bond with the jawbone, much like a natural tooth root – it will be time for restorative treatment, the final step in the process. This step involves the design, fitting and placement of your replacement teeth which may, according to your restoration needs, include single crowns, implant-supported permanent bridges or a full arch of replacement teeth for one jaw or both. Your dental restoration specialist will advise you as to the costs associated with various restorative options during treatment planning.

Dental Implants Cost in Singapore

So, in short, estimating the total cost of dental implants in Singapore requires taking three basic steps into account; treatment planning, surgical treatment, and restorative treatment. These costs will vary significantly from one patient to another, ranging, according to the Singapore Dental Health Foundation, from $3500 - $6000 per implant. Just where the cost of your treatment will fall within that range depends upon your personal circumstances and treatment goals, so an accurate assessment of your costs will require a great deal of input from your dental care team.

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