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What Implant Retained Overdentures Are, and Why They May Be The Solution For You

dentures in singaporeIf you're looking into denture options to restore appearance and function after total tooth loss or replace problematic existing dentures, you're probably aware that there are more of them available than ever before. While conventional dentures were once the only choice for a toothless jaw, advancements in Singapore implant dentistry have made several better options available. Among the most popular of these is implant retained overdentures, which offer many advantages over conventional dentures in terms of comfort, function and aesthetics.

What Are Implant Retained Overdentures?

Implant retained overdentures are dentures that are held in place by dental implants, typically two to four, depending upon the particular circumstances and treatment goals of the patient. They consist of acrylic base, made to look like gums, and porcelain or acrylic teeth. Two basic types of implant retained overdentures are available, called ball-retained and bar retained overdentures, which use different attachment systems to secure them to a foundation of either standard dental implants or mini implants surgically placed into the jawbone.

Ball-retained overdentures use implants equipped with a metal attachment, shaped like a ball, that fit into sockets in the underside of the denture. These are easily popped out for cleaning or sleeping, yet remain solid and secure as a person eats, speaks or laughs, eliminating retention problems that commonly occur with conventional dentures.

Bar-retained overdentures use a metal bar, shaped to match the contours of the gums and anchored by dental implants, to hold replacement teeth securely in place by means of clips placed on the bar, the denture or both. Bar-retained overdentures are also removable by the patient for cleaning and are meant to be taken out at night. While bar-retained overdentures are often more secure than ball-retained ones, they can be more difficult to insert and remove for patients with limited dexterity due to arthritis or other ailments.

Why They May By Your Best Solution to Missing Teeth or Denture Problems

Implant retained overdentures offer greater stability than conventional dentures that rely upon the gum ridge and underlying bone for their support, especially over the long-term. That's because the gum ridge and jawbone will shrink over time in a toothless jaw, slowly loosening even the best-made conventional denture, eventually leading to retention problems.

Implant retained overdentures get their support from dental implants, which are securely anchored in the jawbone in much the same manner as natural tooth roots, so they won't move around in the mouth to cause embarrassment, gum irritation or mouth sores. Additionally, the placement of those implants can reduce bone loss, better preserving oral and facial structure.

Loose dentures can make biting and chewing difficult, limiting the foods conventional denture wearers can enjoy. Limited diets can lead to poor nutrition, and inefficient chewing can contribute to digestive problems, impacting overall health. Being unable to enjoy favorite foods is a quality-of-life issue, as is the embarrassment that many denture wearers feel when their teeth slip, click or even fall out during meals or conversation.

Singapore patients who choose implant retained overdentures for their dental restoration can eat most anything comfortably, since bite force and chewing efficiency is significantly better with this option than it is with conventional dentures, and overdentures will not slip or click. Implant retained overdentures also provide a more natural look and feel than conventional dentures. Given the advantages, why settle for less than the secure and brilliant new smile that implant retained overdentures can provide?

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