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How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

how long do dental implants lastIf you're looking into dental implants as a solution to missing teeth or loose dentures, you've likely been told about the many advantages they offer over other dental restoration options in terms of oral health, oral function and appearance. However, there is another key advantage of implant-based dental restoration as compared to other options: longevity. Dental implants, Singapore dental professionals can tell you, with proper care, typically last much longer – decades longer – than other restoration options.

Dental Implants Singapore: Their longevity is All About Structure

The advantages of dental implant restoration over more conventional options – including that better longevity – are largely attributed to their structure. Dental implant-based restorations closely mimic the structure of natural teeth, replacing tooth roots with a titanium implants. Those implants bond with the jawbone in much the same way as natural tooth roots to anchor replacement teeth firmly in place. Like natural tooth roots, dental implants stimulate the jaw during chewing and biting, triggering the body's natural bone remodeling process. This offers protection against the bone loss that typically occurs when teeth – and their roots – are lost.

Bone loss changes the basic structure of the mouth, affecting the fit and function of conventional dentures and dental bridges. Dentures rely upon the gum ridge for support, which gradually shrinks as the bone beneath it – having no tooth roots to stimulate bone growth and repair – becomes smaller and thinner. Dental bridges rely on support from both the gum ridge and adjacent teeth for support. As the jawbone shrinks beneath the bridge, not only does it lose support from the gum ridge, but the adjacent teeth to which it is attached can become unstable, undermined by bone loss.

As a result of these changes, conventional dentures and bridges typically become loose and unstable over time, which makes refitting or replacement necessary. Since dental implants help keep the jawbone strong and healthy, this sort of instability does not become and issue with implant-based restorations, giving them a much longer lifespan than conventional options.

Dental Implant Longevity as Compared to Dental Bridges and Conventional Dentures

So just how long do dental implants last, compared to other options? Of course, no two patients are alike, so that differs from one case to another. However, on average, dental implants have a lifespan of 25 years, and with careful oral hygiene and regular dental visits, can last a lifetime. In fact, the very first patient to receive modern titanium implants back in 1965 still had those original implants when he passed on in 2006 – more than 40 years later.

In contrast, conventional dentures require relining or replacement every 5 to 10 years, and dental bridges have an average lifespan of 7 to 10 years. So, with dental implants, Singapore patients can expect a much more permanent solution to tooth loss, as well as a healthier, more comfortable and more attractive one.

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