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Can You Use Medisave for Wisdom Teeth Removal Costs in Singapore?

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If you have been told that you need wisdom teeth removal, your dental professional has probably already explained that extracting those third molars is a surgical procedure – a bit more serious than the typical simple tooth extraction. What that means is that having that wisdom tooth or teeth removed will also cost a bit more than a simple extraction. That fact often leads patients to ask whether they can use Medisave for wisdom teeth removal costs in Singapore – and the good news is that, within certain limits, they can.

The Medisave scheme in Singapore does allow a Medisave account holder to use funds to pay the cost of approved dental surgery procedures. The removal of impacted wisdom teeth is on that list of Medisave approved procedures, making it possible for Medisave account holders to withdraw funds to pay for these procedures for themselves or their immediate family members – including spouses, children, parents or grandparents. However, the amount that can be deducted from those accounts is governed by Medisave withdrawal limits, which are set for various surgical procedures independently, according to their complexity.

Those limits are broken down in the Medisave Table of Surgical Procedures (TOSP) for easy reference, with each approved surgical procedure classified under complexity ratings that range from 1A to 7C, with higher numbers indicating more complex procedures. Removal of impacted wisdom teeth is classified as a Table 2C procedure, defined by the Best Practice Manual for Common TOSP Procedures in Dentistry as an extraction that requires that a surgical flap be raised to extract the tooth, with or without removal of bone and with or without sectioning of the tooth and/or root. For a Table 2C procedure, Medisave account holders can claim up to $950 from their accounts to apply towards the costs of wisdom teeth removal.

These are just general guidelines on what you can expect as you use Medisave for wisdom teeth removal costs in Singapore. Medisave withdrawal limits in your case will depend on the exact details of your wisdom teeth surgery and your claim will be subject to final approval by the Ministry of Health. So if you will be using Medisave to pay for your procedure, it is important that you make your Singapore oral and maxillofacial surgeon aware of that at your consultation appointment to ensure that you are provided with the medical details and paperwork necessary to make claiming your Medisave funds a smooth and efficient process.

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