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Can You Use Medisave for Dental Implant Costs in Singapore?

bigstock-Dental-cost-8012141If you are looking into your options for replacing missing teeth or ill-fitting traditional dentures, your Singapore dental professional has probably recommended dental implants, since they offer a number of distinct advantages over other options in terms of oral health and function, as well as appearance and longevity. However, the initial costs of dental implants are higher than those other, more temporary options, so most patients need to do a bit of planning to cover those costs. One of the most frequent questions patients ask is whether Medisave can be used for dental implant costs – and it can, within certain limits.

If you are a Medisave account holder, funds in your account may be used towards the costs of certain dental surgeries that have been approved under the Medisave scheme in Singapore. Dental implant placement surgery is included in that list of approved procedures, so you may be able to claim funds for dental implant costs for yourself or your immediate family members, including children, parents or grandparents, so long as the procedure is done at an accredited Singapore dental clinic.

The amount of funds you can claim towards dental implant costs will be determined by Medisave withdrawal limits, which specify the maximum amount that can be deducted from your account for specific health care needs. These limits are detailed in Medisave's Table of Surgical Procedures (TOSP), which classifies procedures according to complexity, with ratings ranging from 1A to 7C, with higher numbers indicating a more complex procedure and eligible for higher funding levels.

Dental implant placement is classified as a Table 2C procedure. According to the Best Practice Manual for Common TOSP Procedures in Dentistry, a publication of the College of Dental Surgeons,Singapore, in conjunction with the College of General Dental Practitioners, Singapore, this classification applies to implant placement with or without simultaneous adjunctive site preparation, such as minor bone or sinus augmentation or tooth extractions. For these procedures, patients can use up to $950 in Medisave for dental implants, subject to a maximum of $7500 for each claim – which would be about 7 implants.


With the introduction ofintegrated shield plans, dental implants that are done to replace fractured teeth due to accidents may also be covered. The major caveat is that it has to be due to an accident. Dental implants for replacement of teeth that were missing or badly decayed and need extraction are usually not covered by these plans. 

If a patient needs significant adjunctive site preparation that will require a separate procedure before implant placement surgery can be done, patients may be able to claim Medisave funds to pay for that surgery independently -- without affecting their claim limits for implant placement. This can apply in cases in which bone or sinus augmentation must be followed by a healing period of 3 months or longer to ensure stable implant placement.

This is just a general overview of withdrawal limits of Medisave for dental implants in Singapore. Your personal limits will be calculated according to the details of your procedure and is subject to final approval by the Ministry of Health, factors that can only be determined after a consultation appointment with your Medisave accredited Singapore oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

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