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Are Dental Implants Guaranteed in Singapore?

are dental implants guaranteed in singaporeAre dental implants guaranteed in Singapore? Dental implants are, for a long list of reasons, the best option available in Singapore today for dental restoration. As compared to more traditional options, like removable dentures and fixed dental bridges, they offer better long-term support of oral health, improved oral function, greater longevity, increased comfort and better aesthetic outcomes. However, they are also the most expensive dental restoration option – at least in terms of initial costs. Since those costs do represent a significant investment, potential patients are often concerned about how they can expect any problems to be addressed, asking whether dental implants are guaranteed in Singapore.

It is important to note that success rates of dental implants are very high – as high as 99 percent, according to the Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, Singapore. However, while problems aren't common, they do occasionally occur, and patients generally are offered some guarantees with implant-based dental restoration. Getting a good grasp on just how any problems will be resolved requires a bit of understanding about how the dental implant process works.

Dental implant restoration is a team effort, typically involving a Singapore oral surgeon and restorative dentist, each of these dental professionals responsible for certain phases of the dental implant process. Your Singapore oral surgeon will perform the implant surgery, placing the titanium implants that form the foundation upon which your dental restoration will be built. Additionally, your oral surgeon will perform and preparatory procedures necessary in your case, such as initial tooth extractions and bone grafting. Your restorative dentist will handle the fitting and fabrication of temporary and permanent prosthetics used to replace your natural teeth.

What that means in terms of guarantees during and after dental restoration is this: Your Singapore oral surgeon is the professional to speak to about implant failures or surgical complications, while problems involving crowns, implant-supported bridges, permanent dentures or other prosthetic devices are the domain of your restorative dentist. In short, if an implant fails, Dr. Chan will redo it, and any surgical complications will be treated by him. If your prosthetic tooth or teeth break, do not fit properly or you aren't satisfied with their appearance, your restorative dentist will resolve these issues.

Again, problems with dental implants in Singapore are the exception, rather than the rule. That said, a small percentage of patients will experience complications during or after surgery, implant failure or problems with their replacement teeth. Since policies for resolving these issues differ somewhat from one dental professional to another, asking your oral surgeon and restorative dentist exactly what guarantees they offer throughout the dental implant process is wise – before you commit to treatment. 

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