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3 Things You'll Learn at a Cosmetic Jaw Surgery Consultation

bigstock-Asian-Dentist-With-X-ray-And-P-36079342If you've been considering cosmetic jaw surgery to address aesthetic issues related to misaligned or mismatched jaws, your first concrete step in the process is a consultation appointment with a Singapore oral and maxillofacial surgeon. So what can you expect from that appointment? Your Singapore oral surgeon will do an examination of your jaw issues and evaluate your general and dental health. After gathering that information, your surgeon will be able to give you a detailed assessment of your situation. Here are 3 important things you'll learn at your cosmetic jaw surgery consultation:

Just What Sort Of Procedure You'll Need To Address Your Jaw Problems

Jaw surgery varies significantly from one patient to another depending upon personal circumstances. For instance, patients with a protruding chin or elongated lower jaw will need different corrective measures than patients for whom a receding chin or an overly prominent upper jaw is an issue. Your Singapore oral surgeon will, during your cosmetic jaw surgery consultation, be able to outline a recommended treatment plan that details whether you'll need surgery on one jaw or both and just what will be done during that surgery to correct jaw misalignment and improve oral function and facial harmony

The Potential Benefits And Risks of Jaw Surgery In Your Case

Cosmetic jaw surgery, when done by a well qualified and experienced Singapore oral and maxillofacial surgeon, is a safe and effective procedure for correcting jaw abnormalities and the functional and/or aesthetic issues they can cause. However, it is important to realize that any surgery comes with some risks, and your oral surgeon will detail those risks as well as the benefits you can expect from your procedure. Of course, since no two cosmetic jaw surgery procedures are exactly the same, nor are any two patients, risks and benefits will differ somewhat from one patient to another, so the specific information you'll receive at your consultation is very important to making informed decisions about your care.

How You Can Expect Your Appearance To Change After Surgery

Of course, if you're considering surgery to correct aesthetic issues caused by jaw irregularities, knowing just how much good it will do you in terms of your appearance is a very important factor in making a decision on whether or not to move forward with surgical treatment. Your Singapore oral surgeon, provided that you choose one who has invested in state-of-the-art imaging and computer modeling technology, can give you a very good idea of what you will look like after jaw abnormalities are corrected and recovery is complete.

While these are three important points that will be covered during your cosmetic jaw surgery consultation, there will surely be a lot of other important details discussed during your appointment. So come prepared to take notes, ensuring that you have the information you need as you consider your treatment options. Additionally, Singapore oral surgeons expect lots of questions during these appointments, so don't be afraid to ask any that are on your mind. Your consultation appointment is a time for both you and your surgeon to gather information – be sure that you take full advantage of the opportunity to have your questions and concerns addressed.

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