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Jaw Surgery and Dental Implants in Singapore Blog

Dental implants- the $200,000 mouth and the $6 million man


 Cost of dental implants in Singapore is the second most important concern of patients seeking dental implants. The first concern is fear. Fear, daunting as it is, can be overcome with education. Cost, however, is a greater barrier as it cannot be easily bridged, especially when the amount runs into six figures. Yes, six figures. Many patients have that incredulous look as I explain the hundred thousand dollar treatment plan. But there is hope.

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The most expensive vs the cheapest dental implant


Good quality dental implant treatment is expensive. Full mouth dental implant treatmentcost more than most medical or surgical treatment, including operations like coronary artery bypass graft surgery, hip replacement, knee replacement, etc. Currently, there are two diametrically opposed approaches in the continuing development of dental implant treatment protocol. On one hand, more implant manufacturers are competing for business and that has been driving the cost of the implant and components down. On the other hand, advances in diagnostic and treatment delivery systems to achieve better outcomes entailing the use of high technology drive prices even higher. It is increasingly difficult for patients to find the balance between cost and value. This blog post will try to throw some light on the subject.

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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and bone grafting for dental implants


A dental implant is fast becoming the treatment of choice in replacing a missing tooth. However, the success of an implant is dependent, amongst others, on the availability of adequate alveolar bone to house the implant, something which is not always there. With such demand, the need for augmenting the bone has risen and along with that, the enhancement of the bone grafting. Platelet-rich plasma was one such technique introduced twenty years ago as a method to improve the healing of bone grafts.

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Dental implants to replace teeth lost due to trauma


bigstock-I-bald-head-man-got-punch-in-t-83463392.jpgThe recent successes of Team Singapore in the Rio Olympics and Paralympics will no doubt spur both the able-bodied and the disabled to adopt a more sporting lifestyle. While physical fitness helps reduce the risks of diseases such as hypertension, stroke, heart attack, etc, the process of attaining fitness poses a risk to health as well. Many people fall and sustain fractures and sprains. The face and teeth are particularly vulnerable. Besides sports, motor vehicles accidents is a also a contributor to traumatic injuries to teeth. Fortunately, teeth that are loss due to trauma can be replaced with dental implants.

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How long does dental implant treatment take?

bigstock-Senior-woman-and-daughter-Hap-46656271.jpgThis is probably the third most commonly asked question about dental implants by patients, after “how painful is it?” followed by “how much it cost?” The first question is easy to answer. Dental implant surgery is generally not painful beyond the local anesthetic injection. However, the issue of cost and time is a bit more difficult. Simple treatment can be done in two visits; one visit to place the implant and another visit to fit the prosthesis. However, complex treatment can take a year or more to complete. What makes up the difference in time?

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How long does a bone graft take to heal for dental implant surgery?

bigstock-Time-To-Recover-Concept-45350524.jpgDental implant as replacement for missing teeth is currently the preferred choice of most dentists and patients. However, for some patients, the bone in the jaw is insufficient to support an implant and requires bone grafting, a method of augmenting the deficiency with bone either taken from another part of the patient’s body or from an alternative source, such as human cadavers, animals or synthetic. The question of how long to wait after bone grafting before dental implant surgery can be done was a subject of intense debate in Singapore recently after a dentist was charged with placing an implant seven weeks after bone grafting.

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