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Jaw Surgery and Dental Implants in Singapore Blog

Corrective jaw surgery and facial feminization in Singapore


Corrective jaw surgeryis a functional surgery that seeks to correct the bite disharmonies due to disproportionate growth of the jaws. This jaw bone disproportion can give a face a very aggressive or “man-ly” look. Some men may actually like that kind of look if their job requires them to look fierce-some, e.g. night club bouncers and security guards. However, it may be liability in some other occupation. For women, it is almost always never an asset to look masculine. Hence, there is facial feminization surgery, of which corrective jaw surgery can play a part in.

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Underbite – upper jaw surgery or lower jaw surgery or both?


A protruding lower jaw is a fairly common facial deformity in Singapore. While it may not be the most common, it is one which for which surgical correction is most sought after. Underbite, as it is commonly called by many patients, poses significant functional challenges, depending on the degree of deformity. When the lower jaw grows disproportionately more than the upper jaw, the lower teeth are brought forward and causing an open bite. This disproportionate growth also cause the facial profile to resemble what some people call the “shoe horn”. Many patients coming for consultation usually assume that the problem can be solved by surgery to set the lower jaw back. However, in reality, most patients actually need something else.

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What is the cost of dental implants in Singapore?


I was at a dental exhibition over the weekend and bumped into an old colleague who was a guru in the field of dental practice management in his day. He always has interesting insights into various aspects of Dentistry. My short tete-a-tete with him again raised some interesting thoughts for me. Standing outside the exhibition entrance, he pointed at the entrance to the dental exhibition and the the entrance to the exhibition next door, which was a toys exhibition. He noted that there were a lot more people going into the toy exhibition than the dental exhibition. With a lower barrier to entry, there will always be more people buying toys that dental equipment. Then he asked me what I think is the going rate for a dental implant in an Orchard Road practice and on average how many implants get done a month. He said he knows of many practices in the suburban towns charging half that amount but doing four times as many cases. Do the math. Which one is the more successful model financially?

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Cosmetic jaw surgery Singapore-  the consultation visit.

jaw surgery consultation

When I first started cosmetic jaw surgery twenty years ago, the needs of the patients are somewhat simpler than today. The patients then usually have an obvious need for surgery. In fact, many of them have dentofacial deformities that are so obvious that my front desk can predict pretty accurately what kind of surgery they are going to have as they register at the counter. Today’s patients are quite different. Of course, there are still many whose needs are obvious but increasingly, there are many patients who are looking for cosmetic enhancements that are rather minor but cannot be achieved without bony surgery. Even among the group of relatively “obvious” cases, the outcomes desired are pretty specific. Today, the biggest challenge in cosmetic jaw surgery is not surgically related. The techniques are well established and refined and complications relating to techniques are well under control. The challenge lies in fulfilling the patient’s aesthetic objectives. To this end, the process between the first consultation and the surgery becomes of paramount significance. So, what does this process entail.

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Why cosmetic jaw surgery?


Surgery is usually done for one of two reasons. The first function of surgery is ablative, ie to remove a diseased part of the body. This diseased part, if left alone, threatens the normal functions of other parts of the body both in its immediate vicinity as well as distant part by spreading through the circulatory system. This diseased part may be an abnormal growth such as a tumour or an infection. The second function of surgery is reconstructive, i.e. surgery to repair defects in the body. This may be due to developmental deficiencies, such as cleft lip and palate, or trauma such as road traffic accident, or disease, such as after cancer resection. 

Cosmetic surgery, on the other hand, is surgery to enhance physical appearance. There is usually no functional or structural deficit in the body part. There is a perceived aesthetic deficit by the patient. This is where it gets tricky, for beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. 


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Botox Jaw Reduction in Singapore

bigstock-Cosmetic-Injection-In-Woman-Ha-51193189Botox jaw reduction is a very popular non-surgical technique for improving the appearance of a bulky, square jawline. By reducing the flare and width of the jawline, this procedure can improve facial harmony, enhancing the appearance of the jawline by slimming and defining it. Additionally, a slimmer jaw often leads to more defined cheekbones, an effect that can correct the flat-faced appearance that often accompanies a wide jawline. So just what is this procedure and how is it done?

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Choosing the Right Aesthetic Clinic - Singapore

DSC_2533If you're considering and aesthetic procedure to improve your facial appearance, choosing the right aesthetic clinic to handle your treatment may well be the most important decision you make throughout the process. So how can the average person, with no experience with these procedures choose the best aesthetic clinic? Singapore patients don't have to know a lot about aesthetic medicine to choose a great clinic. What they need to know is how to evaluate just how much the staff of each clinic knows about aesthetic medicine – and here are some key factors in doing just that.

Aesthetic Clinic Singapore: Qualifications Are Key

Interest in aesthetic procedures is growing in Singapore, as people discover that advances in medical technology and techniques have made it possible to improve appearance issues that earlier generations had no choice but to live with. As the popularity of aesthetic medicine has increased, so too has the range of medical professionals providing such procedures.

With so many options in terms of care providers, it is important for potential patients to know just what each sort of medical professional is best qualified to do in terms of aesthetic medicine. In fact, it may be the most important factor to be aware of as you evaluate aesthetic clinics, helping you to choose the clinic that has the best-qualified professional for the specific procedure you're considering.

While just about any physician or dentist can be qualified to perform minimally invasive aesthetic procedures, such as injection of cosmetic products, including most dermal fillers and neurotoxin solutions, or procedures like chemical peels, the guidelines for more invasive procedures are much stricter. For instance, the Singapore Dental Council, through its Aesthetic Procedures Oversight Committee, chaired by Dr. SL Chan, has introduced guidelines governing the practice of aesthetic facial procedures by Singapore dental professionals.

These guidelines, meant to enhance the safety and quality of these procedures, specify that minimally invasive procedures can be performed by dentists who have undergone accredited courses for training in these procedures. Invasive procedures, such as face lifts, eyelid surgery, facial implants, and facial bone contouring can only be performed by accredited Singapore Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

So here is the bottom line on choosing the best aesthetic clinic. Singapore patients who are interested in procedures that fall under the category of minimally invasive should choose an aesthetic clinic that uses qualified and experienced professionals --  with credentials showing that they have undergone accredited training specific to that procedure. For invasive procedures, look for a practice that has an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon on staff in its aesthetic clinic. Singapore patients, for the sake of safety as well as optimal results, should settle for no less than the best-qualified medical professional for invasive facial aesthetic procedures – an accredited Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon.

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